Noctilucent Cloud Activity - 2010

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Post by Cliff »

Dear Paul and Jeff et al
John Rowlands certainly seems to have hit on a very worthwhile subject for general or serious study (ie noctilucent clouds) by anyone (ie professional scientists and amateurs alike). Furthermore being a field which might (though I have say only might (?)) be associated with climate change it is something that could attract a lot of worthwhile serious interest.
Something that just struck me, I do not recall ever having heard BBC news weather forecasters ever referring to displays of noctilucent clouds - though to be fair that might be because they tend to occur at inconvenient times for many folk.
Best wishes from Cliff
PS Perhaps I should have mentioned that it was pretty solid "general" cloud here the night of John's forecast, so not much chance to see any noctilucent even if there had been any.
Unfortunately I haven't seen any Noctilucents this year at all, but that might be because I never stayed up late enough not because there were never any to be seen. There were some nights I saw Comet R1 McNaught when I might have hoped to see Noctilucent clouds but I had no luck - but again I just might if I'd stayed out longer.
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This year wasn't as good as last year for me, but I did get a night or two of shots. Full set from all nights here.



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First Attempt to Photograph NLC's

Post by Tulach66 »

I'd never been sure I had seen NLC's but on 9th July I was sure and managed to capture a few photos that I've created a video out of. Well happy :D

Clear Sky's

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Post by johnplaws »

Expected to see some tonight 01:30 but was unsure whether what i was observing was just reflection of hull on night cloud - and yet....

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