Early Morning Lunar Eclipse...

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Astrocomet wrote:Talking about cloud cover for this year I have noticed there has only been a few clear nights to Observe this year-you could probably count them on the fingers of both hands-there seem to have been a lot of cloud cover for 2010-is it increasing over the years because 2009 was just as bad?
I agree, very frustrating. I think it's where we live in the eastern half of East Anglia. Traditionally we used to have some of the lowest rainfall and cloud levels due to UK weather generally coming across the Atlantic and petering out by the time it had crossed the country and reached us. But over the last couple of years the gulf stream has changed and we're frequently getting weather coming down from the North sea and with East Anglia jutting out into it we're getting it full on whereas the middle of England seems to be faring better. I've particulary noticed it as I used to live in Essex and friends I knew in Norfolk would frequntly inform me it was clear there when I was clouded out in Essex. I moved to Norfolk 5 or 6 years ago and for a couple of years enjoyed much clearer skies than I'd been used too but that now seems to have changed!

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Just been speaking to my friend Michael in Inverness. He said the lunar eclipse was very impressive indeed.

I asked what colour it was. He thought perhaps purple.
His wife did not note any colour and thought there may hzave been a bit of cloud. She has been to meetings of the local astro society and their observatory. It has been very cold in Inverness for a while.

Regards, David
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I noticed the Lunar Eclipse was not as dark as some of them I have seen which probably means the Earths atmosphere is reasonably clear now after the massive forest fires in Russia this Summer have been Extinguished-I don't think there has been any major Volcanic Eruptions worldwide for a while either spewing out clouds of dust apart from the one in Iceland this year that brough all the Aviation to a standstill.

During a Lunar Eclipse in the height of the summer a few years ago a few of us amature astronomers noticed a sort of bluish colour to the Moon whilst in totality and it may have been down to the forest fires and wildfires burning across different places of the Northern Hemisphere and the smoke in the Earths atmosphere causing a blue colour to appear in the Eclipse-interesting and thought provoking though...
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It has been a while since I've posted on this forum but I thought I would share my experience of the Total Lunar Eclipse, viewed from Aberdeen, Scotland on the 21st December 2010.

As with others on the east coast I was lucky enough to have a clear view of the event, until the Moon sank into a murky haze above the horizon. Until the brightening of the dawn sky it was an absolutely spectacular event to witness.

With deep, crisp snow underfoot I hauled my telescope and camera up to a small hill which sits on the south-east side of the city of Aberdeen. The eclipse was already well underway by the time I was set-up just after 7am. I was then able to photograph the changing Moon as the eclipse became total. The colour was deep and red with perhaps the slightest hint of bluey-purple. The strange red Moon made for a captivating sight, sitting above the lights of the city.

From 8am the brightening eastern sky caused the dim Moon to fade until it was lost to sight. After that I waited around for sunrise on what was to be the shortest day the year.

See a full account plus images on my blog here.
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