Cat's Eye

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Cat's Eye

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Well, yet another night of great viewing; that's 6 nights in the last week and a half! :lol:

Having drooled at length at the Veil, Ring and Dumbbell, and homed in on NGC7027 (a nice planetary nebula, in Cygnus), I plucked up courage to hunt down the Cat's Eye, in Draco, a nebulae that had eluded my hunting eye several times. This time, however, I had carefully zeroed the co-ordinates on my dob's digital setting circles on Polaris and slewed the scope to the correct region of sky.

I found that it was best viewed without a filter. Finding it was still tricky, as it lurks with a star field and is small. I found I needed my second lowest magnification (117x) to distinguish it from the stars, whereby it showed as a small blue oval.

The next step was to apply plenty of magnification. I found that at least 400x was best to pick out any detail, when it's slightly rewarding. I had expectations that were over-inflated, as I realised from my prior reading that this nebula is over vaunted by the B/S merchants on some forums...."I could see it's inner structure beautifully in my 8 inch..blah..blah", etc.

The problem was that it only just started to reveal structural detail at my top magnification of 550x, when, of course, quality started to droop. Nevertheless, it was an attractive nebula, with its light blue hue.

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