Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon

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All rather "slow" on the observing front recently here, the only exception being some good views of the Harvest Moon in MAK 70 at x25. The just-before and just-after Full producing some interesting views near the limb especially the libration areas.
One tends to forget how dominant the Full Moon can be in the autumn and winter months after the summer Full Moons sneak across the sky, low in the south, and how tilted-over-on- its-side the Harvest Moon can be as it sets around sunrise. It is also, perhaps, of some interest to follow the terminator around Full Moon as it skims around the north or south Lunar Pole - unless of course there is a eclipse!
Many books suggest that the Full Moon is the worse time to look at the Moon and obviously there are few shadows to pick out the craters but I would include near-Full and thin crescent Moons to be my favourite, followed by the incredibly smooth after Last Quarter fat-crescent.
regards maf.
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