Wow!! - I was impressed anyway...

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Wow!! - I was impressed anyway...

Post by Bootfit »

My plans for buying my first telescope after Christmas went out the window when my girl bought me a holiday to New York as a Christmas - budget is now going on spends in NY... 8)

...anyway, my nephew got a telescope for Christmas - not the best scope (3 or 4 inch refractor starter scope) and when i took it out over Christmas I was quite dissapointed - not with the optics more with the assembly and tripod, the slightest jolt and the object on view disapeared in a blur never to be found again... :evil:

...I gave it another go tonight - set it up and pointed to what i thought was a bright star. Once the image had settled down from its crazy shaking i saw it wasn't a star but a bright eliptical object. A bit more fiddling with eyepeices and barlows resulted in me getting a pin sharp albiet very small image of Saturn!!! Great sight to be rewarded with for only my second go on a telescope! :D

As far as more expensive telescopes go, are they sturdier? do the weights etc work well enough for you to be able to use the focusing knobs without the image going crazy? Once you've centred the object in the finder scope do they tend to 'droop' so you loose the image again? - the assembly/tripod were the only things that dampned my spirits... :x
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Post by Chris_Barlow »

The tripods and mounts are much better. You will be able to focus easily without losing the image and the whole viewing experience is more comfortable with less straining the eyes waiting for the scope to stop bouncing!
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Post by paulestar »

Hi bootfit,

Congratulations on finding Saturn! The rings should be especially bright tonight...

Until you get yourself another scope and mount, you might want to try a couple of little tricks to make what you've got a little better - some people tie a brick (or other weight) so that it hangs underneath the tripod. This makes it heavier and a little less prone to vibration. Another idea is to fill the legs with sand (for the same reason).

I've used the brick thing with my refractor which is on a light aluminium tripod - it does help, although like you, I still suffer from the wobbles each time I adjust the focus. Maddening!!!

hope this helps,
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