Yes, a (short) observation

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Mike Feist
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Yes, a (short) observation

Post by Mike Feist »

Yesterday evening the the sky was partially clear here in Sussex but only for a very short while so I did manage to get a bino observation of the Moon and Mars about 2 degrees apart. Since then the clouds are again 100%.
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Post by Chris_Barlow »

The moon is out? :?

Haven't seen anything of the sky for the last 2 weeks except a small patch of blue early this morning! :(
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Post by GordonCopestake »

Indeed. And now to make matters worse, it's raining here :(
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Post by adrazz »

Chris_Barlow wrote:The moon is out? :?

Haven't seen anything of the sky for the last 2 weeks except a small patch of blue early this morning! :(
Know the feeling :(
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Post by Vega »

Moon, whats that ?

I've almost forgot what my hobby is

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Post by Mitch »

I almost forgot my password it's been that long since I saw any clear sky.

One thing though, almost finished Neil Armstrong's bio, a bit of a heavy read, but the chapters specific to Apollo 11 are brill. I never realised that the landing itself was so seat of the pants stuff!

Anyway, not seen anything from here for at least 2 weeks :(
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Post by austin »

Clear skies tonight. But moon so bright that there was zvery little viewing apart from the beautiful m45.

Then I got so very cold. Feet especially. Time to go in.

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