Rainbows Galore!

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mike a feist
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Rainbows Galore!

Post by mike a feist »

We have had a number of spectacular rainbows here.
28th March 2018 : around 1716 UT: A lovely evening rainbow.
29th March 2018 : around 0612 UT: A spectacular, colourful sunrise rainbow.
29th March 2018 : around 1754 UT: A wonderful, complete, sunset rainbow.
When the cry goes up, "RAINBOW!", I grab the camera, rush to the window or garden, to catch 'em. Rainbows, with sundogs and circumzenithal arcs are the easiest "Atmospheric Optical Phenomena" (or are they "Optical Atmospheric Phenomena"?)to photograph!
regards maf
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Re: Rainbows Galore!

Post by jeff.stevens »

Funnily enough, Mike, Wednesday was a particularly beautiful afternoon and evening here in North Staffs. I'd been meaning to come and post my notes on your Return of Venus! thread.

At 3:15pm I saw glorious sunshine out of the office window, and decided to make an early escape and take a long walk home - something I'd been planning to do for a while. It took just under four hours. most of it through some glorious countryside, but more importantly through some beautiful changing skyscapes too. It was a real mix of impressive blue skies, filled with some superb examples of cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds; some of which were amongst the best I have ever seen. The cumulus clouds seemed to spread into a continuous flow of cotton wool balls, decreasing in size, well into the distance. There was a particular mass of dark, billowing, brooding storm cloud that really dominated the sky for about 30 minutes. I was beginning to think it would never dissipate, and in the distance I could tell hail was falling,

Towards the end of my walk the sun was beginning to set. I seemed to be chasing the sunset home. Just prior to it setting, a beautiful rainbow appeared on the opposite side of the sky. It only lasted about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, a bank of storm clouds began to settle over where the sun was setting, so I'd lost hope of catching sight of Venus.

However, about 30 minutes after arriving home, the cloud had gone, and Venus was very clearly visible, shining brightly. Unfortunately, Mercury was too low for me to witness, but it was very pleasing to see Venus looking so prominent in the West. It was the perfect end to the day. I managed to capture a decent sequence of photos of the walk, which will go in my diary. Sadly I didn't get one of Venus, but the memory of it is still with me.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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