R Leonis bright

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mike a feist
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R Leonis bright

Post by mike a feist »

15th April 2018, 0210 BST. The cat woke me up at this hour and when I went to let her out and make myself a drink, I discovered that, to my surprise, the sky was partially clear. From the front-window and using a Acuter MAK70 (at x25), (and despite the street-lights) saw R Leonis, 18 Leonis & 19 Leonis. R was equal to or perhaps a bit brighter than 18 (which is 5.8).(should be five point eight... but seems to think that its a "smiley!)

regards maf
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Re: R Leonis bright

Post by RMSteele »

Hello Mike, interesting observation. Thanks for noting it here. Last time I was able to check on 20 March it was around mag 5.5 in 8x32 bins and I haven't had an opportunity since because of the weather. Kind Regards, Bob
Tracie Heywood
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Re: R Leonis bright

Post by Tracie Heywood »

Here is my light curve for R Leonis in the first half of 2018.

Cloudy skies hindered observations during much of this time, but clear spells in May allowed better coverage of the fade.

Over the years the average peak has been around mag 5.8, so this one was much brighter than the average.

I have now lost R Leonis in the evening twilight. By the time that it emerges from the morning twilight in September it will be close to minimum. The next maximum is predicted for late February 2019.
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