Solar Halo

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mike a feist
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Solar Halo

Post by mike a feist »

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) I went to sit quietly in the back garden to read, under a sky partially covered by wispy cirrus cloud. Just as I sat down, I looked up at the sky to see a brilliant coloured arc - the top part of the 22 degree halo. Wow! I jumped-up from the seat, fell over the poor cat who was going to sit under it. Rushing upstairs, I grabbed my camera, and quickly returning to the garden, I took a number of photographs just before it faded. Then I checked see how they had "come out" only to be presented with the message "no memory card"! I better not write here what I said, but it was as colourful as the halo! Having placated the cat, I again sat down to read, with the camera to hand, having inserted the card. To my joy, the moving clouds again presented this lovely brightly coloured arc and it was captured thereon. Will try to post the result. regards maf
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Re: Solar Halo

Post by Cliff »

Nice one !
But I feel sorry for your cat. Hope to see one or two of your Sun Halo images.
Best wishes from Cliff, and to the cat too.
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