Moon & Jupiter spectacle

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mike a feist
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Moon & Jupiter spectacle

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Sunday 27th May: 2140-2145 + 2200 BST. &
Monday 28th May: 2018. 0200 BST
Initially there were lots of broken clouds, later on there was a clear spell. There was also a clear spell in the early hours next morning, Monday.
The Moon was almost Full and Jupiter was brilliantly nearby, sharing the fov of the Hawke 10x50 (handheld & rested, and using a "Cullmann Magnesit Copter" as pistol-grip) and with the Zubenelgenubi pair also visible. By the early hours, the Moon and these stars just fitted the fov, with Jupiter closer in, all aligned roughly down in the 5 o'clock position. Spectacular! Photographed. regards maf
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Re: Moon & Jupiter spectacle

Post by RMSteele »

Late evening skies were hazy here but the Moon Jupiter pairing made it convenient to switch between them in my 90mm refractor at x165. Seeing and transparency were not great and Jupiters satellites didn't stand out well but the disc did show the equatorial belts prominently, the bright, mottled equatorial zone and hints of more in the southern hemisphere. The Moon was quite spectacular and the Wargentin-Phocyilides group showed up well near the terminator. Schickard was a bit greyed-out and not outstanding but I noticed a large prominent formation much further north and foreshortened on the terminator with a large internal crater that I can't identify. The black and white south polar landscape was stunning.
Kind thoughts, Bob
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