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A few bright globs!
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Author:  mike a feist [ Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  A few bright globs!

Recently there has been very little opportunity to view the night sky for some time here on the South Coast due to the uncooperative weather. However around 0220-0250 BST, (26 ApriI 2019) , I noticed the the sky was pretty clear, so nipped out into the garden with very portable T50 Olivon 12-30x50 spotter on a lightweight tripod and managed to pick a number of fuzzy blobs ... globular clusters before returning to bed. The M10 & M12, in Ophiuchus, were seen, M3 & M5, in Canes Venatici & Serpens, and M13 & M92 in Hercules. Finally, located the very obvious fuzzy blob that is the planetary nebula , M27,The Dumbbell, in Vulpecula. No details visible of course in this very small scope, just fuzzy blobs of various brightness, but nice to be to quicky swing from one to another and compare them. Regards maf

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