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Pleiades + Crescent Moon + Venus

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:09 am
by mike a feist
30/06/19: Sunday : At 0333 BST, scanning the eastern sky from my backdoor, I came across the Pleiades for the first time this apparition. Used Nikon 8x36 binocular with 7 degree fov. Against the dawning sky, only the main six stars were visible. I then walked up to the Foredown Ridge with the binocular in hand and as I walked over the brow, the Crescent Moon came into view at 0400 BST. The sky was generally clear with a dark band of cloud above the horizon and a fine sheet of horizontal bright strips shining above that. I searched for Venus, finally locating it in the binocular at 0424 BST, shining through the bright cirrus strips and about a handspread distance down to the left of the Moon. I followed it with the binocular until it finally emerged from this cloud at 0435 BST although by then the sky was so bright that it could not be seen my the unaided eye. ( Given a clear sky tomorrow morning, Venus + The Moon will be close together!) Regards maf