Uranus, Neptune & Moon in the Hyades

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mike a feist
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Uranus, Neptune & Moon in the Hyades

Post by mike a feist »

There does not seem to be much observing taking place and/or being reported here at the moment, so thought it worthwhile posting the following set of sightings made this morning from Sussex.
Saturday, 24/8/19.
URANUS, 0037-0112 BST. Moon rising but hidden from view. Clear sky with a few bits of thin cloud here and there. Alpha, Beta and Gamma Arietis visible to the unaided eye and the arc of stars down to Uranus + two. stars easily seen in Mighty Midget 2 spotting scope.
NEPTUNE, 0110-0224 BST. Clear sky with bits of cirrus here and there. Used MM2 spotter from the garden. Worked up from Psi 1, 2 ,3 asterism in Aquarius, up via Chi to Phi. The distant companion to the last mentioned star is about 7.5 magnitude. Phi, this faintish star and Neptune made an upsidedown isosceles triangle (i.e. the apex was at the bottom) . Neptune seemed either equal too or slightly fainter than this faintish star. Sketch made to confirm motion next time I see it.
MOON in the HYADES, times below. Used MM2 to view this and took a number of photographs with camera only, which I used to make a sketch for the diary. Initially the fat Crescent Moon was located over top of two of the delta stars ,at 0450 BST but by 0511 BST these stars had reappeared from behind the dark limb. (Missed the moments of actual reappearance thought.)
A busy early morning at the telescope! Regards maf.
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Re: Uranus, Neptune & Moon in the Hyades

Post by nigeljoslin »

Good observations there, Mike. No observing for me; we've just come back from a holiday and now have my father with us....but I look forward to more soon, including Uranus and maybe a comet or two!
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