Volcanic Sunsets?

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Volcanic Sunsets?

Post by Brian »

Am I the only one who thinks that we have seen some rather colourful sunsets recently? Particularly noticeable on the 17th and again tonight.

Today's spaceweather.com reports " emissions not only from Raikoke in the Kirul islands, but also from the Ulawun volcano in New Guinea" as currently causing this effect worldwide,
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Re: Volcanic Sunsets?

Post by RMSteele »

I noticed that too Brian, the late lit cloud hues are particularly vivid. Then again it's about gin n' tonic time, so it might be the effect of Botaniculs as well as the Kiruls and the Utherwuns.
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Re: Volcanic Sunsets?

Post by nigeljoslin »

We've had a few good ones, too, here in SW Scotland. Lovely reds. It just shows how we share our air worldwide.
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Re: Volcanic Sunsets?

Post by mike a feist »

Thursday 19/9/19. Was at the Foredown Tower at sunset, to open the building for the astronomy group. Spectacular coloured sunset colours seen here too, and photographed. Regards maf
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