Autumn Equinox Sunrise 2019

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mike a feist
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Autumn Equinox Sunrise 2019

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Monday 23/9/19: Walked to Foredown Ridge prior to sunrise. There was a strip of cumulus clouds along the sea horizon but otherwise the sky was clear with crescent Moon very high up. Photographed taken of the brightness of the hidden Sun at 0653 BST, just before it rose above the hill. Then photographed through welders glass for safety sake, and caught a half-Sun at 0654 BST and by 0656 BST the complete Sun. The horizon was not a true horizon but only an apparent one, although fairly low. These times are roughly correct as from the camera...producing, of course, a nice green solar image! Regards maf
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Re: Autumn Equinox Sunrise 2019

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Equinox sunrise is a very special time, isn't it. Here is a photo I snapped of the occasion a few years ago. One can see that the sun rises due east (and sets due west) by observing its alignment with the stones of this neolithic monument near where I live. The `ancients' had a good knowledge of the apparent motions of the sun in the sky.

What is very impressive is that they engineered the stone ediface to align with equinox sunrise at a particular elevation above sea level, ie., the elevation of the land horizon. A huge rock hundreds of yards away signifies the bearing at which the sun rises at sea level.
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