NGC 7006 in Delphinus

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NGC 7006 in Delphinus

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Revisited this distant cluster during my session last night, a cluster I hadn't looked at for quite some time. At mag. 10.6, it is not too hard to find, though it is amidst rich star fields.

It is also a small target, because it is one of our most outermost globular clusters, located way out in the galactic halo at a distance of aprox 135,000 LY from us. Being in Delphinus, it is in a direction shallowly inclined from the galactic plane and is roughly in the direction in which the Orion Spur stretches away from us. It is thought to have been formed within one of the dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way and accreted by the Milky Way later.

I spotted it at a magnification of 66x, whereby it was a very small fuzz. Increasing the magnification immediately to 275x revealed a larger fuzz, with no inner detail! It wasn't until I used 330x that a little detail appeared, whereupon I increased to 400x which revealed bright dots within the cluster. Taking the magnification beyond that was futile, as quality and brightness took a nosedive.

It was a rewarding target, unimpressive in detail, but impressive to the imagination for its remoteness.

Happy observing,

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