Moon + Praesepe

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Moon + Praesepe

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Tuesday: 22/10/19: 0313 BST. The clouds finally cleared from the sky !
Moon + M 44 (the Praesepe). (0313-0330) + (0450-0500) + 0630 BST: Clear sky and rather cold but without wind. Last Quarter/fat crescent Moon ( with Clavius right across the terminator) observed using L/S 60 mm spotter and, by zooming it up and edging the lunar limb just out of the fov, was able to see about a dozen of the brightest stars of M 44. Observed at first from the bedroom window and later from the back-garden and watched the Moon's south cusp gradually slip closely by the cluster. No occultation occured but even if there had been, the stars would have been lost in the glare of the bright limb. Regards maf
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