Full Moon Wednesday 11 Dec at 7:30pm

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Full Moon Wednesday 11 Dec at 7:30pm

Post by jeff.stevens »

A relatively clear evening in my neck of the woods, and I decided to try out a Pentax 8x40 binocular, given to me recently. I had a very pleasant thirty minutes observing. Then I switched to using my William Optics refractor, and captured this image. I know a lot of astronomers aren't keen on the full Moon, but I find a lot of beauty and fascination in it.

I love the Tycho ray system, it’s so magnificent. Aristarchus never ceases to amaze me, as that stunning bright white fleck.

It was so very peaceful this evening. The celestial heavens are so thought provoking, don’t you think? All those intriguing, complex objects and systems, and so beautiful to observe.

Have a lovely evening. Hope you get to spot some Geminids.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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Re: Full Moon Wednesday 11 Dec at 7:30pm

Post by nigeljoslin »

The heavens are definitely thought-provoking, Jeff. Stupendously so. The vast scales make the imagination well up, don't they. And, the beauty is another form of vastness.

Is the universe infinite in size, I wonder? I wouldn't be surprised if it is. If not, what is beyond it? Nothing? The paradox is that our minds cannot accept nothingness, nothing is always something by the act of observation. Meaning we cannot accept less than infinity.

And yet, our minds can't comprehend infinity..... :roll:
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