Three Lesser Mentioned Gems in Perseus

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Three Lesser Mentioned Gems in Perseus

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Wheeled the 14 inch Dob out under a crystal clear sky, last night, and started off by turning my attention to the region of sky currently inhabited by Comet Panstarrs C2017 T2, which I don't think I spotted! I say `don't think' because with averted vision, I did see a nebulous `impression' just about where it should have been....but I'm counting it as an `inconclusive'. I think it must be dimmer than the claimed mag. 10.

However, this search did result in my finding three very nice spectacles, NGC 1513 and NGC 1528 (open clusters) and NGC 1491 nebula.

NGC 1513 was my first discovery, a very nice, quite small cluster with strands of stars reaching out from its centre, very satisfying, best at 110x.

NGC 1528, was larger and noticeably asymetric, with the brighter stars towards one side and a carpet of dim stars mainly towards the other side. Again, good for an overall view at 110x, but the fainter stars were also rewarding at higher magnification.

Lastly, it was in with the UHC filter to view NGC 1491, a nice round nebula that appeared elongated in one direction.

It was very satisfying finding these three by accident!

Happy observing,

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