Felis, the Cat Star, and other lowdown stars

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Felis, the Cat Star, and other lowdown stars

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25/12/19, 0400 - 0435 UT; Awoke to find the sky very clear and Leo was in the south, so went outside [with the cat] with 8x36 binoculars in hand to attempt to locate the old *C star to Felis the cat, now in Hydra, and now that IAU WGSN has confirmed that the star's name should be Felis... so although the Felis, the Cat constellation has long-gone, we now not only have a Dog Star but also a Cat Star.
Working down from Alphard [alpha in Hydra] to upsilon 1 and kappa, and below that was/ is a rather isolated 5th magnitude star. that is Felis - the cat star. Took some time to study all the other stars hereabouts. The most obvious being a faint, squashed and small copy of Hercules...the only labelled star within it being G. To the left is a obvious pair of stars, one being labelled I. Also located theta and kappa, delta and gamma in Pyxis and theta Antlia. Exactly in line between the two thetas, nearer theta in Pyxis but in Antlia, is a neat binocular pair of stars, shown as a double but unlabelled in the star atlas was using. Regards maf
[Correction: * this was NOT the alpha star of Felis but labeled as C by Lalande and on the original Bode chart.]
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