Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

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mike a feist
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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Post by mike a feist »

Friday, 10th January MMXX, Observed from 1914-1955 UT; The sky was completely overcast and I more or less gave up any hope of observing this event so I went for a shower. On returning to the bedroom window - lo & behold - the Moon was emerging from the clouds!
As I had already set the Celestron 'Landscout' 12-36X60 Spotting scope at the window, I used it from there, later moving it to the back garden when I realized that I did have time to do that.
The 'Southern Highlands' of the Moon, around Tycho and between the main Maria and the southern limb were very dim when compared with the brilliant northern limb. The greyness around Tycho and its radiating rays (and other bright spots & patches) really seemed to bring out their detail.
Photographs were taken by just resting the camera atop of the scope. These captured the details.
Later the clouds again began to thicken and a patch of thinner cloud then covered the Moon to produce a beautiful aureole with colourful edging.
An unexpected and wonderfully timing for the cloud dissipation and, of course, being visible from my house rather than have to set out for the Foredown Ridge was an additional advantage.
A penumbral eclipse to remember! Now to print out the photographs! regards maf
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David Frydman
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Re: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Post by David Frydman »

I saw the eclipse well, although there were cirrus clouds and a smallish corona around the Moon.

To me it was rather unspectacular.
Yes, the bottom right of the Moon was darker and Tycho and rays dim.
Maybe the thin cirrus reduced contrast but the moon was bright.

I didn't note any colour effects.

About 1992? I saw a total Moon eclipse where the Moon was almost invisible.
That was something.

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