Twilight days ...

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brian livesey
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Twilight days ...

Post by brian livesey »

For almost a week we've had nothing but leaden grey skies in the North West, creating a dreary twilight atmosphere and many a sullen facial expression to match. What a relief it was this morning to wake to a frosty blue sky, strieked in a miscellany of little white clouds, including a row of herring bone clouds. In the west, a big pale moon hung like a paper lantern in the branches of a leafless tree.
Then, up rose a brilliant Autumnal sun, casting long shadows on pavements and walls. What a relief it was to feel it's seasonally-diminishing warmth. It wasn't to last. By mid-morning, a grey blanket of cloud approached from the west. Now, the sullenness is returning :( . :D
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Re: Twilight days ...

Post by jeff.stevens »

It was very refreshing to wake up to this morning. I saw the Moon heading over to set, and it looked fabulous. I like to take a few moments to just stand and watch on mornings like these, and appreciate the beauty of the view. How lucky we are to be able to witness such scenes.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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Re: Twilight days ...

Post by nigeljoslin »

I was enjoying the full moon last night through my 4" refractor. The view was like the air, crisp, cold and almost sparkly. Magic!

We are indeed fortunate to be able to experience this and share our feelings.

Happy nights, Nigel
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