Solar Disc

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Solar Disc

Post by AJ »

Hi Everyone.

Been a while since I posted but have been mad busy round the home.
However I purchased a Solar Filter a couple of weeks ago and although I have not done much Solar observering in the past have been watching the Suns Disc on each clear day.
I noticed that the disc was quite blank for a few weeks, but yesterday at 4-30pm spotted two small sun spots on the center of the disc. Not being to ofay? with solar observing, I dont know the tech jargon for the various possitions. Was just wndering if any one else spotted them as this is the first activity I have spotted for a few weeks By the way my observations have been in white light. (Is that the correct expression).... My usual observations are Planetery and Luner.

Best Regards to all. AJ
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Post by Davej »

Hi AJ,
Not much sunspot activity at the moment but I have seen the odd one or two during the last month or so.
This makes interesting reading regarding the sunspot you mentioned in your posting.

Apparently the two spots are just one spot.

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Post by Hampshire Astronomer »

Lack of activity on the solar disc is due to the good ol maunder minimum at the moment :-(

David Scanlan

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Post by KendalAstronomer »

We've gone 300 years back in time? :shock:

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