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Tim Chamberlain
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Stellarium - curiosity

Post by Tim Chamberlain »

Dear All,

I was looking at Stellarium last night - which I often use to get my bearings before and after observing (and for real time tracking sats and the ISS in particular) when I was amazed to see a single shooting star / sporadic meteorite streak across half an inch of the screen.

Surely there's no way Stellarium can know about or predict these, particularly sporadics? Surely any indication of meteor showers would be arbitrary and not for real? ... Has anyone else seen this when using Stellarium?

I was indoors at the time so there was no way to look for the sporadic in the sky as it happened on screen.

Best wishes, Tim
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Post by stella »

Hi Tim,
With stellarium set the date to 2011/11/17 and time to 06:10:00 U.T
Go to Sky & viewing option window [F4]
Set "shootings stars" to 144000,
That should show a Leonid storm.
(Also shows Moon and Mars not far from radiant).
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Post by Zeke »

I tried it - amazing.
Saves all that standing out in the freezing cold.
Never worry!
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