Bode's galaxies.

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Bode's galaxies.

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M81 and M82 imaged in almost full moonlight. Not ideal but I needed to test the rig! I was quite pleased with the results. Plate solving, guiding, dithering all seemed to go according to plan. No darks or flats but I did apply an artificial flat in post processing. I also succeeded in using the remote desktop so I could work from inside in the warmth! :D Scope was the Celestron C8-XLT with a combination of 0.63x and 0,5x reducers, giving me around f.4. Camera was the Altair Astro colour GPcam basic. Mount was the Ioptron CEM 25P. Captured with APT and guided with PHD. 10x300sec subs each.


Celestron Nexstar 8SE, Ioptron CEM 25P mount
Altair Astro 102 ED refractor with Lunt B600 CaK diagonal
Coronado PST DS, Daystar Quark
ZWO ASI120MM camera, Canon 1000D (astro modified), Starlight Express SXV H9-C.
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