The Sun - 11th October

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The Sun - 11th October

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I think I've recovered now ?
11th October (yesterday), not a bad afternoon, when I observed & imaged the Sun in White Light & Hydrogen Alpha, through our back bedroom window as usual. Although I initially had a few equipment problems - initially my Laptop was awkward slowing down starting imaging, then my Coronado Ha 60mm scope played up. On top of that focusing in Ha seemed tricky, although over the years I've found good white light transparency & seeing does not always guarantee being good in Ha & occasionally Vice versa. Whatever I now attach my yesterdays W>L. & Ha images.
1) Ha 60mm Disc SolarMax 13:09UT image - not brilliant focussing, nor Registax stacking but reveals not only granulations but also possible dusky smudges in N hemisphere & brightish white elongation in S sector & possible faint filament S-S-E sector.
2) White Light Sunspots 88mm refractor 13:19UT image - pair of "Sunspots" S to S-E sector (right slightly stronger) with possibly fainter ones between them - possibly coinciding with the 60mm Ha bright elongation.
3) Ha 60mm SolarMax Prominences 13:35UT image - mediocre image but two close modest pillar proms on Sun's N-E Limb.
Best wishes from Cliff
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