Noctilucent Clouds from Selsey (June 26th)

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Post by mark_smith »

Great pictures Pete :)

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Post by IDFAbigyin »

:wink: :wink: very nice shots :D
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Post by Vega »

You could almost mistake that last one for the centre of the milky way riding high across the Selsey skies :shock: ... if only :lol:

Nice pics

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Post by markt »

Very nice, I keep looking for NLC, but work means I can't stay up for as long as I would like in the week, then the weekend is cloudy or NLC free...
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Post by Cliff »

Dear Pete
Yes indeed, fine noctilucent cloud pics.
Particularly impressive perhaps in view of your southerly location.
However, I think they were mostly fairly weak displays possibly difficult to detect at all from polluted areas.
Best wishes from Cliff
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Post by DigitalSky »

Thanks for the comments.

Not sure about being weak Cliff. I've certainly seen brighter displays but these were pretty noticeable. They were also much higher than I'd seen previous shows which also helps. Probably not visible from central London - but then what is!?
Best regards,

Pete Lawrence
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Post by Cliff »

Dear Pete
Yes, it may have been a bit presumptuous of me to say that some of your pics seemed to indicate that your noctilucent cloud display was "weak".
I suppose I was just trying to give an indication of the impression I initially got looking at your fine pics.
Apart from anything else, you actually saw the noctilucent cloud and took the images - I did neither myself, so what I say is perhaps at best a sort of second hand opinion.
One thing that you just said, and I nearly commented as such myself, is that I got the impression looking at your pics that your noctilucent cloud extended pretty high in the sky and I think you confirm that.
Trying to think back to the best noctilucent display I have seen, off the top of my head it only reached about 30 to 40 degrees above my north horizon (I might be eating my words though if I look back at my old observing logs ?).
Thanks again !
Best of luck from Cliff
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