Help with DSLR attachment to telescope Please.

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Help with DSLR attachment to telescope Please.

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Hi. I have an Orion Skyline xt10 classic. I bought a t-piece and adapter and was unsuccessful acquiring a focus when I attached my DSLR to it. Information on the web suggest using a barlow to change the effective focal length and allow for the image to be in focus for the camera. I went to the Orion home site and spoke with a technician who told me I CAN NOT do this with my current telescope. Please help me. Do I buy a barlow? Do I have to return the telescope if I desire to be able to take decent pictures? I have used my cell phone and got very nice moon images, but I want pictures of the planets as well. Any help would be great.
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Re: Help with DSLR attachment to telescope Please.

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Hi Rich.

I answered on the Imaging Techniques thread :)

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