European Space Agency needs radar detection system

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European Space Agency needs radar detection system

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The cluttering of near-Earth space by defunct satellites and associated particles, has been a cause for concern for sometime. Recently, a senior adviser to the ESA said that Europe needs its own system to deal with the threat from "space junk".
The amount of hardware and assorted debris in orbit has expanded exponentially. "We are getting about 100 alarms a day about approaching particles," said Thomas Reiter, an ESA adviser. "Every two weeks, a satellite has to dodge something."
Europe has poured lots of cash into its Galileo global positioning satellites, partly to give independence from similar American systems, but it still needs the US military to track the smaller particles.
"Europe needs to be able to analyse what is happening in orbit itself," said Mr. Reiter, a former German astronaut. He added that it would mean spending billions of euros to provide an effective radar system to do the job.
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