Exoplanets on Radio 4

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Exoplanets on Radio 4

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This was an interesting programme ( repeated at 9:30 PM ) about a whole menagerie of planetary types, discovered and theorized by astronomers.
There are the hot Jupiters that, for a number of possible reasons, have wandered in to very close, searingly hot, orbits around their central stars. There are exoplanets with the density of lead and others as insubstantial as balsa wood.
As for exolife, earth-sized planets are now being detected that may harbour evidence of lthe chemical signatures of life in their atmospheres.
Transiting, wobbling and stellar micro-lensing are a trio of techniques currently being used to detect exoplanets.
NASA recently announced that there are some 17 billion earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. Alas, almost all of these planet are too close in to their parent stars to support life.
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