UK Light Pollution Petition

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UK Light Pollution Petition

Post by Deimos »

In case people were not aware, there is a petition running on the government petitions web site about light pollution.

It's the government web site so signing should not result in loads of SPAM forever more (as some other petition sites generate).

The wording is not what I would have liked, but then what I would have liked would undoubtedly not have been what others would have liked. I see it as something that is (hopefully) the start of a process. We are not designing proposed wording for legislation but rather trying to get Parliament of it's rear and out of the pubs to start doing something. If that is achieved (now or at some point in the future) there will undoubtedly be White Papers, reports, experts and consultations and those who want to can have their input to legislation at that point. Now it is a matter of trying to start that process (or at least expressing a feeling that it needs addressing).

Anyway, if people are not aware of the petition they cannot decide whether to sign or not. And the more the word/link is spread the more likely it is to be noticed by those who can do something.

(And the petition is nothing to do with me. I signed but no more).

mike a feist
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Re: UK Light Pollution Petition

Post by mike a feist »

Light pollution may be problematic but cloud "pollution" really does seem to be the real problem at the moment..........and even if the sky is blue at the start, how those contrails, looking like white scratches across the sky at dawn, soon get blown sideways to mess up the rest of the sky later on.regards maf
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Re: UK Light Pollution Petition

Post by brian livesey »

Yes Mike, we feel your pain.
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