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brian livesey
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Skywatching Live Australia

Post by brian livesey »

What's the verdict so far on this three-part series, ending this evening? Well-rounded and comprehensive, or the equivalent of a "Cook's Tours" promotional miscellany?
Australians are fortunate to be in a position to observe the rich central regions of the Galaxy, and away from the main urban centres, they don't have the degree of light pollution that blights European skies. But there are venomous creepy-crawlies that come out at night .. :shock: :lol: .
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Re: Skywatching Live Australia

Post by Brian »

Sad to say the bits I've seen strike me as quite amateurish, the sort of thing one might expect at a local astro-soc meeting. Not much stargazing I feel!
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mike a feist
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Re: Skywatching Live Australia

Post by mike a feist »

I forced myself to stay awake throughout all three. The comedian paired with Dr Cox drives me nuts as he tries to dominate the whole thing. I had to take out my hearing aid as I just could not bear the continuous banter. The bits about the Aborigines' sky patterns was interesting, Greg with the beard was ok, some of the background photographs and skies very nice as was the shots of the observatories asnd interview with Fred Watson, I liked the bit about searching for meteorites, but some of the stuff was ill-placed especially the UFOs etc. And the individual programmes were too long. The great thing about PMs Sky at Night was that they were a bit too short, leaving you wanting more! regards maf
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Re: Skywatching Live Australia

Post by Cliff »

Dear BrianL
I tend to agree with BrianW & Mike's comments.
But I forgot to watch episode one. With regards creepy crawlies - long ago when observing I got saw something smallish illuminated by light pollution, moving on the ground. Scared stiff, I kicked out. The little animal flew in the air a few feet, landed then scurried off. I realised it was a hedgehog & I felt terrible about what I'd done.
Our son got his Scout Astronomy badge about 20years ago still does a little star gazing. Apparently he watched some Stargazing Live TV and quite enjoyed it.
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Re: Skywatching Live Australia

Post by M54 »

Found it to be fairly poor.
Very little on the actual sky and star gazing aspect. Did see some scuba diving on one of the programs? :roll: :roll:
Whatever they used as cameras seem to give a washout view.
Might be a better option if they returned to basics and went "star gazing". The past 2 or 3 years seems to have drifted away from the original "star gazing" event that it was.
I noticed that around the UK there seemed a reduced number of events in support of it this year. If not reduced in number then certainly reduced in their presence. Of 2 clubs near me I was not aware of either holding an event, whereas previous years they had done so.
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