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Moon map

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There have been many books published recently to celebrate the moon landings anniversary but I came across something a bit special today that brought back memories of my lunar observing with the big Newtonian when I was a lad.
The ROG have issued a reprint of Wilkins' map in a thin hardback book. I nearly missed it amongst all the big flashy books in the local Waterstones. In those days I had the Wilkins and Moore, "The Moon", the maps plus descriptions of features by the latter. This contains only the map.
I am aware of "the Bridge" episode that caused some negative feelings at the time, and how very crammed the maps were, making it rather difficult to locate features as the beginner I was then. It was around this time that I gave a talk to the school science society and I clearly remember mentioning the bridge and the recently discovered domes!
At £12.99, I just had to buy this reprint, being a bit of a cartophile and for the personal historical link.
Regards maf
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