Return of the Wanderer?

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Return of the Wanderer?

Post by AJ »

Hi Guys and Gals, A belated Happy New Year to everyone. Sorry I've been missing (again) from the site but it's been due to refurbishing the Mem Sahib's, friends Bungalow (I'm supposed to be retired :roll: ) So haven't had much time to myself for nearly a year. Mind you the weather up her in North Wales has been diabiloical to say the least, however am hoping that things will improve now that I'm coming to the end of the building work and I can get time to myself.

Looking forward to chatting with everyone soon.

best Regards AJ :wink:
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Post by mark_smith »

Welcome back AJ

Hope you have better luck this year :)

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Post by Hampshire Astronomer »

Welcome back

I planned on moving to North wales a couple of years ago for the dark skies but the fog and rain coming over the mountains at night really freaked me out :-)

I can see why the welsh are passionate about their country though....absolutley stunning :-)

David Scanlan

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