Vibration Suppression Pads - Any Good ?

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Vibration Suppression Pads - Any Good ?

Post by gfletcher »

Hi Guys

Currently my HEQ5 and 250px are mounted on the decking at the bottom of the garden.
Obviously when using high magnification (X200) if i move at all then the vibration is sent through the tripod/mount/OTA resulting in image vibration.
Now i know its nowhere near ideal being on the decking but i have to put up with it at the moment.

My question is, will the Celestron Vibration Suppression Pads help to eliminate to a certain percentage these vibrations ?


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Post by andrew robertson »

Hi Graham,

The suppression pads work well if the tripod is on a solid concrete base but I never used them on soft ground - better to 'spike' the tripod leg into the ground. I suppose it depends how rigid and solid the decking is - I suspect it could make it worse by setting up resonanses. Doesn't really answer your specific but gives you my experience in other situations.


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