DMK21 Mono Imaging Camera & PST

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DMK21 Mono Imaging Camera & PST

Post by Cepheus42 »

Hi Guys,

I have just taken delivery of a single stacked PST together with a DMK21 mono imaging camera. I was blown away with the results of my first solar imaging session. I have attached a few files which show what I achieved with very little technique.

I'm looking forward to much more as I learn and progress.

Peter Hutton
video0005 17-57-50procs,all.jpg
video0005 17-57-50procs,all.jpg (69.62 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
video0005 18-32-17procsmall.jpg
video0005 18-32-17procsmall.jpg (67.14 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
video0004 17-55-27procsmall.jpg
video0004 17-55-27procsmall.jpg (70.29 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
Peter Hutton.
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brian livesey
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Re: DMK21 Mono Imaging Camera & PST

Post by brian livesey »

Good results indeed Peter, for a single stack.
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Re: DMK21 Mono Imaging Camera & PST

Post by Eclipse »

I have a PST which I double-stack - I have been wanting to get a DMK21, your results have inspired me enormously - thanks!!
Coronado PST with SME-40 double stack H@ filter
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