DIYing for astronomy

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DIYing for astronomy

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The pandemic lockdown has provided a stimulus to get out the beloved black & Decker pistol drill, drill bits, taps and tap wrench to attach an adaptor to a 60mm/f.6 Prinz refractor. Remember Prinz telescopes? They burst onto the scene at the Dixon's chain in the Sixties and where at an affordable price compared to British stuff. They looked better too.
The quality of Prinz 'scopes varied, as they were mass produced, but the new 3-inch refractor on an equatorial mount and nice wooden tripod I bought was very good. The neat wooden box it came in had a pleasing scent. Everything smelt new. The only catch was that I had to pay a massive import duty on the 'scope when I moved to Germany. That was in the early Seventies before Britain joined the Common Market.
The little secondhand Prinz 60mm refractor gives good definition too. When Mars was at one of its closest approaches it was possible to see the North Polar Cap and some dark surface shadings.
It was time to make the 60mm a dual purpose instrument. So a 3D printed collar was made, drilled and tapped, then attached in front of the objective. It now takes a Lunt 50mm LS50f front aperture etalon, with a B600 at the eyepiece end, thus converting the 60mm into a solar scope. It's a quick operation to remove the etalon and attach it to the PST as a double
stack instead.
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