Bernard Lovell ( 1913-2012 ) R.I.P. .

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brian livesey
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Bernard Lovell ( 1913-2012 ) R.I.P. .

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Astrophysicist Bernard Lovell, famous for his instigation of the Jodrell Bank radio telescope that bears his name, has passed away.
Lovell studied cosmic rays at Manchester University and saw the inauguration of the Jodrell telescope in 1957, the biggest in the world at that time.
I visited the Jodrell site for a second time last month, on a warm summer's day with the grandchildren. There was a feeling of serenity in the quiet grounds, blended with a sense of high adventure as we peered up at the great radio dish - still the third biggest moveable dish in the world.
The huge instrument slowly turned through 180 degrees while we had a picnic nearby, a great portal to the invisible Universe: ... ard-lovell
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Re: Bernard Lovell ( 1913-2012 ) R.I.P. .

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Dear Brian
It's good that you mentioned this, although a sad event. Of course you put your post in a proper place but perhaps it should also be mentioned in "General Chat" as well.
Lovell and his telescope are icons of astronomy (although I've been niggled that the radio telescope is sometimes floodlit !).
from Cliff
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