The mystery of cosmic rays ..

The non amateur stuff. Hawking, black holes, that sort of thing

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The mystery of cosmic rays ..

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There was an interesting discussion on Radio Four's "The Life Scientific" series this morning ( repeated this evening at 9:30 PM ), where particle physicist, Alan Watson, admitted that the source of cosmic rays is still unknown - although black hole jets are chief suspects.
The problem with cosmic rays is that they can't be traced back to their origins because they get deflected in all directions from their sources by magnetic fields in the galaxy.
These scrabbled particles are highly energetic, a million times or more energetic than any particles produced by the LHC ( Large Hadron Collider ). A million cosmic rays pass through us every night said Watson, but the effect is no greater than having two chest X-rays a year. The commonest of the particles are the protons up to iron, whereas heavy element particles are rare.
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