Owl-eyed Athena

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Owl-eyed Athena

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Last week the ESA ( European Space Agency ) gave the go-ahead for the Athena X-ray space telescopes. Athena will be the largest of its type ever constructed, and at a cost of 1 billion euros.
The X-ray observatory will have two main eyes. The Wide Field Imager will scan for emmisions from supermassive blackholes in the early universe. The X-ray integral Field Unit will scan much smaller areas of the sky to measure the energies of photons coming from cosmic sources, such as hot gases in galaxy clusters, and the auroras on Jupiter.
The Athena team will need to work out the fine details for the instrument and develop new technologies. Construction should start in early 2019 with a launch planned for 2028.
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Re: Owl-eyed Athena

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We live in exciting times!
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