The non amateur stuff. Hawking, black holes, that sort of thing

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I spotted this forum recently an decided to join!
I have a decent general knowledge of astronomy and some experience in the field of physics, but without a formal qualification.
With some encouragement, from various individuals, I managed to produce a paper, for the layperson, on Bose-Einstein condensates. I found the task difficult, but felt as sense of pride when the work was completed.
I then took the finished paper to a physics lecturer at my local University.
I will refrain from mentioning the words he used to describe my attempt to move to a more technical level in physics.
I have learnt a lesson and I suppose this could, sometimes, apply to anyone going beyond their level of competence!
cameron "diana" buttle.
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Re: Physics.

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Diana, thanks for your comment about your physics article. This is a belated reply, since I just joined the society and found your posting today. SO I hope you are still with us. Never mind the unkind comment from that physicist. Just because you are new does not mean you are not heading in the right direction or asking the right questions. A math professor commented once that you can discover theorems on your doesn't matter that someone got there first, just because they had the privilege of being born earlier. The "discovery" is still quite beneficial to you. Keep it up!
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