Ice in space

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Ice in space

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We might not think that ice would be present in the galactic centre, considering the density of stars and also the radiation they emit there.
However, recent data shows that ice can and does exist in our galaxy's nuclear region. The ice is attached to dense regions of dark particles that shield it from heat and radiation.
The existence of ice in interstellar dust near the galaxy's central black hole, provides the necessary conditions for star formation. See Astrophysical Journal, .
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Re: Ice in space

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You say that dark particles shield the ice from the local radiation etc. Do you mean dark matter? If so then it isn't supposed to interact with normal energy and particles. It only reacts to gravity according to theory.

The ice could be coated in dust and rock which would help protect it to some extent. If it gets too close to any of the suns orbiting the center it would begin to act like a comet and eventually vaporise.

Star formation near the galactic center seems unlikely due to the extreme radiation and strong variations in gravity. Dust and gases would be pulled and pushed, be too heated to allow condensing or be blown away by solar winds from any number of stars traveling any number of directions.
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