Rosetta probe discovers prebiotic material in comet 67P

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Rosetta probe discovers prebiotic material in comet 67P

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The European Space Agency's comet probe Rosetta has detected the amino acid glycine, needed for protein production, and phosphorus, needed to build DNA, in Comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
This latest research might lend weight to the theory that the building blocks of life were seeded from space: a theory called panspermia.
The new data came from Rosetta's onboard Rosina ( Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis ). Dr. Matt Taylor said:
"The multitude of organic molecules already identified by Rosina now joined by the exciting confirmation of fundamental ingredients like glycine and phosphorus, confirms our idea that comets have the potential to deliver key molecules for prebiotic chemistry.
Demonstrating that comets are reservoirs of primitive material in the solar system, and vessels that could have transported these vital ingredients to Earth, is one of the key goals of the Rosetta mission, and we are delighted with this result."
Nasa's Stardust mission in 2004 to Comet Wild hinted at the presence of Glycine, but scientists couldn't rule out whether the result might have been due to contamination during analysis on Earth.
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Re: Rosetta probe discovers prebiotic material in comet 67P

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So comets are not made of yoghurt.

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