Vera Rubin 1928-2016

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Vera Rubin 1928-2016

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Astrophysicist Vera Rubin has passed away aged 88. Her time at the Carnegie Institution of Science in the 1970s was marked by her discovery that the Andromeda galaxy M31 was rotating in a way that seemed to contradict Newton's laws of motion.
Rubin noticed that the stars at the edge of M31 were moving as fast as the stars at the centre, when they ought to be moving slower.The discovery added to the notion that another force was operating - dark matter.
The existence of dark matter was postulated in the 1930s and Rubin's observations on galaxy rotations added strength to its existence. She was only the second woman to be awarded the Gold Medal from the Royal Astronomical Society. In 1993, she received the US National Medal of Science. Theoretical astrophysicist and science writer Dr. Katie Mack at the University of Melbourne said:" Every year many of us in physics hoped this might finally be the year she got her Nobel Prize, alas."
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