Quantum Mass or MESS - part 1

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Quantum Mass or MESS - part 1

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Dear al(L)
I hesitate to say that the article "Physicists cannot agree about quantum world" in New Scientist 7th January is a completely satisfactory appraisal of what the majority of ALL physicists really think about Quantum issues. However right or wrong the contents of the article both interested & surprised me.
Whatever, the NS article reports about a survey of 149 participants (though hardly a very big number of physicists I would think) made by Sujeevan Sivisundaram (appropriately a graduate of Aarhus University in Denmark.
Apparently the survey results suggest many physicists disagree over the picture of reality that quantum mechanics describes - and many of them don't even care.
39% of survey participants supported the so-called "Copenhagen interpretation" of quantum mechanics.
25% supported alternatives.
36% had no preference at all.
PART 2 to follow eventually
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