August 21 total solar eclipse

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August 21 total solar eclipse

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The eclipse on Monday may well be the most studied to date. The path of totality will pass across America from Oregon to South Carolina. The event will be observed from the ground, the International Space Station, an array of 11 Earth satellites, three aircraft and more than 70 high-altitude balloons.
"We expect a boatload of science from this one," said Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts, who has observed numerous eclipses.
A total eclipse allows astronomers to observe the Sun's outer corona in the most effective way. "It's ironic that we've learned more about the Sun when its disk is hidden from view," said Fred Espanek, a former Nasa astronomer, known as "Mr. Eclipse".
Scientists in American will also examine what happens to the weather and how plants and animals react.
There's more to solar eclipses than meets the eye. For example, Helium was first detected in the solar spectrum during an eclipse in 1868, by Norman Lockyer at his observatory in Sidmouth, Devon. Astronomers led by Arthur Eddington, observing a solar eclipse in 1919, confirmed Einstein's theory that light refracts in a gravitational field.
We in Britain will witness only a mouse-sized bite of the eclipse at just 4% of lunar intrusion onto the face of the Sun.
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Re: August 21 total solar eclipse

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According to SkyMapPro graphics, from my location "maximum nibble" will be at 19.56 BST with the Sun just 2 degrees above the NW horizon (azimuth 288 degrees).
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