Our doughnut Moon

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Our doughnut Moon

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The current theory for the formation of our satellite is that a Mars-sized body, referred to as Theia, collided with the early Earth some 4.5 billion years ago, producing a mixed cloud of debris from which the Moon formed.
Now there's a new theory to challenge this view. An international team of researchers has suggested that the Moon was formed from a synestia - a doughnut-shaped vapourised rock - formed from the initial collision.
Eventually, the synestia cooled and shrank with the Earth and Moon emerging from the vapour.
The process is believed to have occured over the short space of a few centuries. The new theory is published in the "Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets". It assists in explaining why Earth and Moon are so chemically similar.
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Re: Our doughnut Moon

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Isn't it strange that our very own Moon, of all natural satellites in the solar system, seems to be the most puzzling from the point of view of origins? This is simply the latest attempt to explain how the Moon came to be. I think it's far-fetched. It's size in relation to the Earth is odd. It's orbit is odd.
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