NGC-DF2 - an odd-ball galaxy?

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NGC-DF2 - an odd-ball galaxy?

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Astrophysicists have discovered a galaxy that's devoid of dark matter. This has come as a surprise because blobs of dark matter are thought to be essential for "seeding" galaxies, gathering in the visible matter that stars are made from under gravity.
The newly-discovered "ghost galaxy" has a very low luminosity and was difficult to detect with existing instrumentation. The galaxy is catalogued as NGC-DF2.
Professor Pieter van Dokkum, of Yale University, said: There is no theory that predicted these types of galaxies. It is a complete mystery."
At a distance of 65 million light years, NGC-DF2 is one of a new family of "ultra-diffuse" galaxies; they contain very few stars, despite having a large size similar to the Milky Way.
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