Deep time galaxy: MACS1149-JD1

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Deep time galaxy: MACS1149-JD1

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A galaxy, designated as MACS1149-JD1, has been discovered at a distance of 13.28 billion light years away that contains the most remotely detected oxygen. The stars in the galaxy were formed 250 million years after the birth of the universe and the galaxy is the most distant known.
The presence of oxygen in the galaxy shows that it must have come from a previous generation of stars that had completed their stellar evolution,releasing the oxygen in gas clouds.
Dr. Nicolas Laporte, at University College London, the co-leader in the research team, said: "This galaxy is seen at a time when the Universe was only 500 million years old and yet it already had a population of mature stars. We are therefore able to use it to probe into an uncharted period of cosmic history."
Co-researcher Professor Richard Ellis, also from UCL, said: "Determining when cosmic dawn occurred is akin to the Holy Grail. With MACS1149-JD1, we have managed to probe history beyond the limits of when we can actually detect galaxies.
"We are getting closer to witnessing the birth of starlight. Since we are all made of processed stellar material, this is finding our own origins."
The research is published in the current issue of "Nature".
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