High-energy neutrino from distant galaxy detected

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High-energy neutrino from distant galaxy detected

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The origin of cosmic rays has been a cosmological mystery for more than a century, but the recent discovery of an high-energy neutrino, the first of its type, may hold a clue to its place of origin.
The path of the particle has been traced back to a distant galaxy, billions of light years away, with a massive central black hole . In its journey through space, the particle travelled in a straight line, so it was possible to backtrack to its probable place of origin.
The discovery, reported in the Journal SCIENCE, probably issued from a powerful black hole polar jet. The neutrino adds a third component, after photons and gravitational waves, in the search for the origin of cosmic rays.
The high-energy neutrino was discovered last September 22 by the IceCube observatory, beneath the South Pole.
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